Medway Corporate Portal

Medway is a web-based application by Abbott Pathology that provides employers, insurance provider, or other commercial payers with real-time access to Abbott Pathology's secure database. Being a web-based browser means that no additional software needs to be installed on your computer system to access results seamlessly.

Real-Time Results... Anytime, Anywhere.

Medway is a web-based application by Abbott Pathology that provides your administrative and OHS staff with real-time access to our database.

Instant access

As soon as the result is available at the laboratory, it is available at Medway - enabling you to view your clients’ and employees’ results quickly, efficiently and securely over the Internet.

With no paper to handle, instantaneous delivery and secure access, Medway ensures your patients’ results are available in real-time, anywhere, on time, all the time.

New features

  • Increased search functionality, including new filters.
  • Unique username and password.
  • Update your account details online.
  • View pending requests.
  • Print off hard copy reports in a familiar format.
  • View interactive charts.
  • View cumulative results.

Fully flexible to meet your individual company's needs

Medway can be tailored to create a central register of your company’s pathology results, regardless of the location, the business unit, or the requesting doctor that ordered the pathology. Customise your Medway account so that you can:

  • Consolidate all results from all of your various reporting business units into a single online database.
  • Group only results from sites/business units in your group into a single online database.
  • Access and manage only those results you wish to, from a single company database.
Medway gives you the ability to:
  • Create specific “corporate” accounts – that is employees/clients results are aggregated and viewed by corporate.
  • Include or exclude specific business units.
  • Quickly and securely Share results amongst your practitioners.
  • Include or exclude specific locations.


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To organise a demonstration, or for assistance with registration and setup, please email us here or call (03) 9244 0391.