Hospital Solutions

Electronic Health Record Integration

Abbott Pathology understands that connecting and delivering health information where and when it is needed is critical within today’s world of eHealth. 

At Abbott Pathology we are able to ensure integration of your inpatients and outpatients pathology data with your electronic medical record - so that a permanent pathology record is held by the hospital embedded in its hospital information system i.e. Electronic Health Record Integration (EHR).

Our large Pathology Team has:

  • An established track record of EHR integration with over 100 major private and public hospitals including multi-location hospital systems
  • The ability to integrate with all hospital systems including Cerner, Trakhealth, BossNet, McKesson
  • Significant proprietary IT platforms to enable efficient, secure and effective linkages with the hospital EHR
  • Significant understanding and expertise in such integrations
  • Fully compliant EHR systems to NATA standards where required in terms of data integrity and privacy

To enquire about what Abbott Pathology can do to improve integration of your pathology data with your hospital information system, please email us here or call (08) 8159 7900.