Dr Iman Alash graduated from Al-Mustansiriya university in Baghdad in 1983 and obtained a Master of Pathology in 1989 which involved thesis work in the cytopathology of ovarian cysts. She later received the degree of the Iraqi Board specialising in Histopathology. Dr Alash has worked as a Lecturer in Pathology teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. She moved to Emirates and was a Lecturer of Pathology at Ajman University. Dr Alash then accepted the role of a Specialist Histopathologist at a private hospital in Sharjah – UAE. After migrating to Australia, she joined DOR Pathology in 2005 working as an Anatomical Pathology Registrar and completed her Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia in January 2007.




Anatomical Pathology

Special interests