Employee Health

Laboratory Based Testing

Urine Lab Testing 

Abbott Pathology analyses urine specimens for drugs of abuse that are validated to the highest standard. Cutting edge technology, combined with skilled laboratory staff and pathologists generate accurate analyses that ensures we are the market leader in this field.

Urine drug testing has been considered the standard in employee testing for many years due to its accuracy, and relative cost.

Abbott Pathology is available to supervise and collect urine specimens from your employees or patients under accredited standards in one of our specialised facilities. Following collection, we transport that urine specimen to our central laboratory in a way that detects and highlights tampering with the specimen, and then analyse the urine specimen in our laboratory.

To locate an accredited urine drug screen collection facility click here.

All non-negative urine test results that need to be relied upon for medico legal purposes are then confirmed. Laboratory based confirmatory testing on urine specimens are usually only performed when a non-negative result is received from the initial screen. Only the drug class that produced a 'non-negative' result will be confirmed, with the purpose of eliminating any false positive results that may have been produced in the initial screen. Mass Spectrometry is considered by the courts as being the ‘gold standard’. Due to the method being more time-consuming and technically complex, there is a longer turnaround time for results than the initial screen.

When our laboratory analysis is complete, you are able to view and manage your program’s results via our real time result management web portal.

Contact us to organise for Australian Standard compliant urine drug screening program or an individual test, call (08) 8159 7900 or click here to email us.

Saliva Lab Testing 

Abbott Pathology analyses saliva (oral fluid) specimens for substances of abuse via state-of-the-art liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry systems. Our laboratory pathologists and scientists ensure you receive accurate and timely analysis on your oral fluid specimens.

Whilst urine testing is generally considered to be the standard for accuracy, saliva or oral fluid testing is increasingly recognized as an innovative test format that provides fast and convenient specimen collections. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection. Additionally, because each collection is normally directly observed, donor tampering with the specimen is minimised.

Lab based saliva testing unlike urine, does not require confirmation for any positives.

Contact us to organise for Australian Standard compliant screening program or an individual test, call (08) 8159 7900 or click here to email us.

Your Result Management Portal

Our secure results portal, enables drug test program co-ordinators to review, manage and store drug testing results for their employees.

Portal access can be shared between any number of your authorised personnel depending upon your requirements. Access can be achieved from any web enabled device including hand held devices and as soon as a result is validated in the laboratory, the result is available on your portal. 

The advantages of the portal mean that situations that require immediate action can be resolved faster, and the risk to your organisation managed appropriately.

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